Our Brand Story

More than just


Yi Zun Noodle is Singapore’s first ever muslim-owned restaurant that specialises in Chinese hand-pulled noodles. Founded by Madam Aisha, a Chinese-muslim from Qinghai in China, Yi Zun Noodle began as her simple dream to let fellow friends in Singapore taste authentic halal Chinese cuisine at an affordable price.

Starting with the Signature Beef Noodles, a staple dish of North-western China and its large Muslim population, Madam Aisha makes use of authentic cooking processes and ingredients to ensure that all the bowls of noodles made at Yi Zun Noodle are just like the ones she grew up eating. Springy hand-pulled noodles, made to order depending on the thickness you prefer, is combined with a broth made from fresh beef bones to create the dish’s distinct full-bodied flavour. More than just Beef Noodles, Yi Zun Noodle’s second branch at Joo Chiat also offers a variety of other Xinjiang-style specialities for you to experience a truly authentic halal Chinese meal and share in a comforting meal that is made with love.

More than just


At Yi Zun Noodle, our process promises that every Beef La Mian you order is a hearty bowl of springy noodles and succulent beef in a light yet flavourful broth.

Our chefs make each batch of hand-pulled noodles to order. The flour is first prepared by hand-mixing and kneading continuously for half an hour. Then the dough is hand-pulled until it becomes long smooth strings of noodles. The beef broth is also made from scratch. Fresh beef bones are boiled for at least three hours, with more beef bones added again and again to maintain its robust flavour.

Yi Zun Noodle also prepares other dishes with the same authentic process as well, such as the popular Xinjiang Lamb Skewers. The meat is marinated with a mix of spices and grilled till succulent and tender. Each skewers is made of bamboo for an additional layer of flavour.

More than just

Our Belief

Yi Zun Noodle started with and still holds a simple belief. Stemming from Mdm Aisha’s belief to provide our friends in Singapore with the opportunity to taste the flavours of Xinjiang in China that is still affordable, we focus on creating dishes that let you experience the authentic taste and flavours of Halal-Chinese cuisine while using less salt and less oil for a more wholesome meal.

Our 3 Restaurants

Main Branch

Yi Zun Noodle
Little India

45 Sam Leong Rd
Singapore 207935
Tel: +65 6291 6616

Come down to our first branch at Sam Leong Road and experience our authentic hand-pull halal Beef Noodles. Choose from different noodle sizes, hand-pulled to order, as well as a variety of simple side dishes to enjoy your noodles with.

Joo Chiat Branch

Yi Zun Noodle
Joo Chiat

60 Joo Chiat Road, #01-08/09
Singapore 427726
Tel: +65 6909 9287

Enjoy the full flavour of halal Xinjiang cuisine at our Joo Chiat branch, which offers our Signature Beef Noodles as well as a variety of other authentic Chinese speciality dishes such as Xinjiang Mutton Skewers, Fish with Pickled Mustard Greens, and our spiced Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken.

We also offer delivery service via Food Panda, Deliveroo, GrabFood, and Bungkus.

Hot Pot Restaurant

Jin Shang Yi Pin
Buffet Hot Pot

Eastpoint Mall #01-20, 3 Simei Street 6, Singapore 528833
Tel: +65 6909 7355

For those who want to savour the nourishing taste of hotpot, we also offer a halal-hotpot buffet experience at Jin Shang Yi Pin Buffet Hot Pot. Featuring both spicy and non-spicy options, each of the 5 different soup bases you can choose for your individual hot pot are created with a mix of herbs and spices for lasting fragrance and flavour.

Pick from a large variety of marinated meats, leafy vegetables, and other hotpot favourites like fresh tofu and beancurd skin. You can also complete your buffet experience with our BBQ grill option to give your meal a chargrilled indulgence.

Free-flow desserts and drinks are also available.